A special day

25 years ago East and West Germany were reunited officially! 

So the 3rd of October is a special day for Germany. But it's also a special day for me and my business. 

I grew up in West Germany - in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt - and came to Rostock with my former employer - AIDA - exactly 10 years ago. 

Three years ago I started my own travel agency and guide service. I love this part of Germany close to the Baltic Sea with its beautiful nature, churches, castles and lakes!

Without this special day I wouldn't be here, the cruise ships wouldn't dock in Warnemünde and I couldn't show you the beauty of this region. 

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Oder vereinbaren Sie einen Termin und kommen Sie vorbei, um sich ganz in Ruhe bei einem Tee oder Kaffee von mir persönlich beraten zu lassen.